Monday, October 22, 2012

Rose Libertine

My love for fashion, beauty and writing started many years ago (god, that makes me sound old), at the age of nine, me and my friend Charlotte started our own fashion magazine: Charlotte and Rose (original, right?). Just as a joke, but we toke it really serious. It only came out during holidays and was stuffed with thing of wich we thought Grown Women would find interesting. And with Grown Women we meant the populair girl next door: seventeen, blond hair and the one who had a boyfriend. The girl who we wanted to be.

Our magazine was filled with ads (Lancôme, Chanel, Estée Lauder), we talked about the newest fashion trends (big earrings are TO-TA-LY in right now!) And did make-overs, where we would cut the face of a slightly boring looking lady out of the newspaper, and colour her lips in by using a red marker.

Eight years later (yes I'm seventeen now, and no I don't consider myself a Grown Women. Brown hair and no boyfriend) I have started a new little 'magazine' on the internet. My paper and scissors have made place for a Macbook Air and with a blog on the 'world wide web' I have a audience that is slightly bigger than before (wich was just my mom).

After I finish school I would love to become a journalist, and I see this little online diary as a great way to gain some experience. The idea that you're going to work till the age of 67 gets pretty scarry, so we should all do something we absolutely love to pieces and for me that's this: writing.

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  1. That's true, we should all do stuff we really enjoy doing :)

  2. welcome to blogging :) x

  3. Hello from the blogging world :)
    I agree that you need to love what you write about in order to be blogging :)

  4. Welcome to blogging hun :)


  5. Lovely post! I'm new here too - I'm so glad that I found your blog!

    :-) Jo x amomentwithjo